Jason Davis Jazz

Husic Publishing


Dallas, TX

Husic Publishing; is an arts and entertainment conglomerate based in Dallas, TX. We are comprised of an ASCAP music publishing company, several performing ensembles, an internet radio station, an artist development group, marketing professionals and a record label. Husic is a word that speaks of the relationship between colors and musical tones. Husic Publishing intends on producing high quality presentations and products.



Sole Proprietorship


10-50 people


Our start-up company, Husic Publishing is located in Dallas, TX. We're looking for all available options to raise $25k in small business funding in order to fuel the growth of our Media business. At this point, Husic Publishing currently has annual gross sales in the region of $250k or Less. I have included some additional information below relating to the purpose of the funds and the type of funding that I think would be the best fit.

Husic Publishing is primarily interested in receiving capital from:

- Equity Funding(Venture Capital, Angel, Private Equity, etc)

We would like to use the funds that are raised for the purposes below:

- Commercial Mortgage
- Equipment Financing
- Operating/Growth Capital (Payroll, Sales & Marketing, etc) 

Please Contact Jason Davis @ (214)418-6092

or by email



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